Traffic-stop appeal. Cars are like shoes: they have labels, or badges, which mean a lot to discerning buyers. The 1 Series may take the cupcake in terms of snob and badge appeal, but that’s a real pity because the V40 is a stunner in all departments.193680_Full_HiRes


We might hate parallel parking more than a bikini wax, but both of these cars practically park themselves. This is an optional feature on both hatches; but it’s like the option of avo in salad – a no-brainer. In the boot, the V40 also has a protective organizer mat with dividers to offer creative storage areas. While on the subject, the 1 Series is roomy with a 360-litre space while the V40 accommodates 335 litres. Either way, you can go… shop… now.


Carbon ‘footprint’ and cost

Go for the V40 with the D2 diesel engine if you want to save the planet. The BMW costs R266 269 and upwards, while pricing for the Volvo starts at a pricier R2 81 200.

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