BMW releases Mini Vision Urbanaut concept car

BMW releases Mini Vision Urbanaut concept car

BMW’s latest innovation is a futuristic marvel. The Mini Vision Urbanaut not only takes you places but is a small electric version of the popular recreational camper van.

The car’s one sliding door opens up to a luxurious interior featuring a lounge, complete with daybeds and reclining chairs.

“The Mini brand has always stood for ‘Clever Use of Space’. In the Mini Vision Urbanaut, we extend private space far into the public realm, creating completely new and enriching experiences,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design according to Tech Financials. 

The vehicle is ideal for long-distance travellers who want to get as much out of their journey as possible. It even has a built-in memory collection area termed “Charms”. These are mementos and reminders of places travelled, festivals or other events in the form of pins or stickers, and are presented behind a glass screen.

The ultra-modern car has three different settings called “Moments”, depending on the purpose of your specific use. The first two modes can be activated when the car is parked: “Chill” is for relaxation, and “Vibe” is for hanging out with friends. The mode you choose affects the LED lighting inside, the music and even the fragrance released in the car. “Wanderlust” is for driving and exploring, but the Urbanaut can also drive itself.

The car has not been built yet an is only in 3D design phase.

Picture: Mini