Opel reinvents brand with launch of electric car Mokka-e

Opel reinvents brand with launch of electric car Mokka-e

Opel’s latest addition to their fleet is a first in a new generation of electric cars, aimed at redefining the brand.

The Mokka-e is a fully electric, compact five-passenger car and is the first to feature a redesigned front fascia called Opel Vizor and a fully-digital cockpit called Opel Pure Panel.

It features next generation battery technology for a driving experience of over 300 km on just one charge. Charging is possible by using a regular wall plug or a charging station. Public charging is always done through a charging station. How fast the EV charges depends on the charging station (EVSE) used and the maximum charging capacity of the EV.

Drivers can choose between one of three modes to drive the car in, depending on acceleration and balance preferences: Normal, Eco and Sport.

The car also features an Advanced Cruise Control system to automatically adjusts the car’s speed to match that of the vehicle ahead of it, Active Lane Positioning to keep the car in the centre of the lane, a parking assistant, a 180-degree rear backup camera, automatic braking and a mat for passengers to wirelessly charge mobile devices.

This vehicle is symbolic of Opel’s new design philosophy, as well as their commitment to producing more sustainable cars.

“The new Mokka is a head turner and will change the perception of our brand,” said Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller to Dazeen. “With the Mokka, we are reinventing Opel and introducing our design of the next decade.”

“It shows everything the brand stands for today and in the future: the Mokka is fun, efficient and innovative in all respects,” said Lohscheller. “In addition, it perfectly embodies the Opel brand values – exciting, approachable, German – in the most progressive way.”

Opel plan to introduce eight electrified vehicles for different customer markets by early 2021, and plan to electrify their entire product portfolio by 2024.

Picture: Instagram / Opel