Women-only mechanics start-up in Pretoria

Women-only mechanics start-up in Pretoria

Two women from Centurion looked at the gap in the market after a chance meeting and have started up a mechanic service by women for women.

According to IOL, architect Nadia Lloyd-Lister and Roshida Carol Mokhabukhi met by chance when Mokhabukhi was selling masks outside Shoprite.

Lloyd-Lister offered to help Mokhabukhi with her CV as she had been retrenched. Upon looking over her qualifications she saw that Mokhabukhi had trained as a car mechanic.

This gave the women the great idea of starting up their own mechanic business, but with a specific focus. Called Womechanics, the service is offered to women-only and aims to help empower women when it comes to cars and make them feel safer when seeking assistance.

“Through transparency and knowledge sharing, we want to empower women to understand their car and its needs,” Lloyd-Lister told IOL.

They business offers services at the customers home and roadside assistance which even includes small issues like assistance for a burst tyre, jump-starting and bringing you petrol if you run out.

Reviews for the service are already rolling in and they are glowing.

“Great initiative and service! You pay what was quoted, no surprises. It was so convenient having my car serviced at my home on a Saturday morning. Highly recommended,” said Desiree Van Der Merwe on Facebook.

They hope to expand to open an established mechanic shop and even train women who wish to work in this male-dominated area.

To book a service or contact  the team you can go through their website, contact them on Facebook or call or message them on WhatsApp on 068 176 8797.

Picture: Womechanics