backSafety awareness in your car

Woman Driving Car Looking AwareYou may think these guidelines are basic and obvious but many drivers fall victim to crime because they don’t follow them.

Firstly, don’t leave your cellphone, handbag or other valuables clearly visible in your car. lf you have a removable radio or CD player, keep it out of sight when you aren’t in the car. Plastic bags should be stored in the boot and even small change should be kept out of sight.

Secondly, keep your doors locked and windows up at traffic lights or in slow-moving traffic.

Lastly, always be conscious of your surroundings. Thieves stand strategically at traffic lights or intersections, ready to pounce suddenly – the element of surprise is their biggest tool. But if you’re alert you won’t be an easy target.

Read the full list of vehicle safety awareness tips on the South African Police website.

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