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Do you know how to approach broken traffic lights?

CCTV cameras have captured an horrific accident that happened due to motorists not following the rules of the road in a case where the traffic lights were out. Watch the footage here:

It appears that most vehicles were cautiously approaching and proceeding across this dangerous intersection, however the truck should have stopped, but instead it drove straight through the traffic light that was out of order at the time and collided with the car and the cyclist.

This is what SHOULD happen when a traffic light is out of order:

- When a traffic light is not working, the intersection becomes a stop street.

- This means that you have to think of it the same as a four-way stop.

- Even if there is no traffic, you still have to stop in order to make sure the coast is clear.

- If the vehicle in front of you crosses the intersection – you would have to allow the vehicles from the other stops to enter the crossing before you can make your move.

- This means you might have to wait a while as you might have to give way to three other vehicles from three other directions.

- Be alert as it is clear some people ignore the rules of an out-of-order traffic light

- Do not tailgate a vehicle to slip through under the radar – that is what the truck tried to do and look what happened there.



Stone Throwing-jpg

You need to be careful on the N2, yet again!

EWN has reported that a 27-year old man is in a critical condition after a brick was thrown through his windscreen on the R300 near the N2.

“Emergency Medical Service’s Robert Daniels says the man sustained serious head injuries after a brick was thrown at his car…”

No more information is available at this point.


Source: EWN

Picture: Twitter @LimaCharlie1

Car accident casualty

Last weekend’s road death toll is shocking

The fatalities on the road of the first official weekend of the holidays (19-21 December) is at a high 27…

This is after Eyewitness News reported that another two people have been killed on the N1 highway near Beaufort West. Officials say two cars were involved in a head on collision.

In a separate incident, also in Beaufort West, the death toll of a fatal accident this morning has risen to ten after emergency services discovered a child also died in the wreckage. The child and nine other people were burnt beyond recognition in a collision involving seven vehicles including five taxis.

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa says driver fatigue and drivers taking unnecessary risks are listed among the biggest causes of fatal crashes. He comments, “People need to be more careful, they need to change their attitude and behaviour on our roads. They need to make sure they respect other people’s lives on the roads.”

Meanwhile, two people died in an accident on Alpine and Umgeni roads in Johannesburg. Nine people were injured in the head-on collision around lunch time today. Two women and a baby were flung from the vehicle, killing the two women and leaving the baby in a critical condition. Rescue Care’s Garrith Jamieson says the nine injured people were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

If you feel unsafe on the road this holiday season, have a look at WOW’s safety page to optimise your safety on the road.

Emergency service helping woman

Woman dragged underneath vehicle after getting out of hers to exchange details

A woman from Gauteng is in critical condition after she was dragged underneath a vehicle at the William Nicol and Sandton Drive intersection in Johannesburg on Thursday morning (20th November 2014).

When the paramedics arrived on scene, they found the woman lying in the middle of the road. She had sustained multiple injuries to her head and chest after being dragged beneath the vehicle for some distance.

“It’s understood that the incident occurred when the woman had stopped her vehicle to exchange her details with another driver after a minor collision. The driver apparently sped off, dragging the woman under the vehicle,” said ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring.

The man who dragged her underneath his vehicle has yet to be identified.


Are trucks the major problem on SA’s roads?

Due to South Africa’s poor transport system, trucks need to be used to a great extent to transport commercial goods. However, this is not just damaging SA’s roads, this is also causing a great amount of accidents – in fact it is quite evident how many accident are caused by trucks on South African roads. Heavy vehicles – trucks specifically – make up a large percentage of the total vehicles on a stretch of road and have proved to be a major contributor to road carnage. This begs the question – are (unroadworthy) trucks one of the biggest problems on our roads?

The accident known as the ‘Pinetown Accident‘ as well as the accident that happened on the N12 several weeks ago was caused by trucks that are faulty. This highlighted problems in the trucking industry of South Africa. After this accident, ENCA reported that it is believed two out of three trucks on our roads are unroadworthy.

This issue has become even more evident after yet another hair-raising incident involving an unroadworthy truck carrying scrap metal on the N14 on Tuesday 28 October and once again raised concern that maintenance of many trucks on local roads has hit dangerously low levels. According to Krugersdorp News, due to the high accident rate, the N14 Pinehaven crossing in Muldersdrift has been dubbed the local stairway to heaven and road users are exposed to life threatening scenarios daily.

“The driver of the specific truck found himself in a compromising position when the truck’s brakes failed on a steep hill and weighing in his options he drove into a barrier at the side of the road to bring it to a halt,” explains Chief Provincial Traffic Inspector George Raftopoulos.

On inspecting the vehicle, local traffic authorities came to find that it is one of the most unroadworthy vehicles some have seen in decades. This just adds to the list of truck accidents, most caused by unroadworthiness, aggressive and unskilled driving, which has now become a norm in South Africa.

In an interview with JP Smith, a member of the mayoral committee of safety and security, he comments that it is not necessarily unroadworthy (passenger) vehicles that cause accidents, but heavy vehicles and trucks.. Besides the fact that the vehicle might be faulty, truck drivers tend to take chances on the road. And the drivers of these trucks normally get out alive as they are elivated above passenger vehicle level. 

But, what are South Africans to do except accept the realisation of these deathtraps on our roads? One thing a concerned citizen can do is report bad drivers, unsafe vehicles and reckless and negligent driver behaviour.



michael schumacher

Schumacher’s weekly medical bills will shock you

The amount that Michael Schumacher’s wife is spending on his medical care after he was severely injured in a ski accident last year, is shocking. The Daily Mail reported the F1 legend’s wife is spending the equivalent of R1.7-million per week on his care at their Swiss estate, including an 24/7 medical team and state-of-the-art equipment.

However, this might be all for nothing as medical experts have doubts that Michael Schumacher will ever recover from his brain injuries. They believe Schumacher remains in a “minimally conscious” state and is not yet even sitting up unaided let alone walking or talking.

Hartstein, Shumacher’s doctor said, “As time goes on it becomes less and less likely that Michael will emerge to any significant extent.”

He also stated, ”Life expectancy for a comatose patient who does not improve neurologically is measured in months to relatively few years.”