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Guy jumps from moving car to end argument with girlfriend

Have you ever had a nasty argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then proceeded to jump out of the car, to get away from it all? Neither have we!

Well, this actually happened last week with a guy in Washington. The guy had a really bad argument with his girlfriend and then decided to jump out of the moving car to escape the situation. We guess he’s probably over the relationship, or maybe it’s just one of those love/hate relationships.

The other problem is that the driver wouldn’t even stop, after the police officers told her to several times. We wonder what they were arguing about?

BUT WAIT, it gets worse, she then tried to run him over! Somehow the guy got back into the car through the passenger windows and tried to wrestle control of the car, while his feet dangled out the window. When she finally stopped into yet another parking lot, her boyfriend stood in front of the car to assure she wouldn’t drive away.

(Source: Auto Express)


Michael Schumacher will remain an invalid for the rest of his life

We have some bad news for those Michael Schumacher fans out there- unfortunately it’s said that he will most likely never recover to his normal state.

The F1 racecar driver suffered severe injuries after a skiing accident in a French ski resort on 29 December 2013.

“He will remain an invalid all his life and will always remain dependent on others’ help,” said neurology specialist Erich Riederer. He added that Schumacher will have “permanent” damage and that it will be a ”success“ if he manages to sit up unaided within the next three months…

However, the doctors are positive about Schumacher waking up from his coma on the 16th of June. “It is an incredibly positive message when someone wakes up after being in a coma for half a year,” Riederer said.

He has since been moved from Grenoble university hospital in France to Lausanne hospital in Switzerland, to be closer to his family home.

(Source: The Independent)



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10 interesting road accident facts

  1. Worldwide, male drivers have a higher risk of dying in a car accident than women due to their inclination to speed more, drink more and take more risks
  2. In South Africa, the major contributory factors to festive season fatal crashes are drunk driving, speeding, overtaking when unsafe to do so, fatigue, overloading of vehicles and a tyre bursting.
  3. Deaths from road accidents are at least twice as high in South Africa as the global average.
  4. The most dangerous drivers are young men.
  5. While women are statistically safer on the road, they have just as many accidents as men; however, they tend to be minor fender-benders, while men are usually involved in more serious collisions.
  6. Cautious old ladies are more inclined to die behind the wheel than speeding teenage boys – not because they’re reckless, but because they’re frail and less likely to survive injury.
  7. In SA, according to stats released in 1998, your likelihood of being in a fatal crash between midnight and 4am is four times higher than during daytime.
  8. Motorbikes are especially vulnerable on the road as motorists regularly fail to see them, and intersections are the most likely place for a motorcycle accident to occur.
  9. In the US, of all road users, 4-year-olds have the lowest death risk – probably because they’re in child car seats, and their parents drive more carefully.
  10. In the UK and the US, the drivers of station wagons have a death rate of less than half the national average for cars due to the fact that they’re safer on the roads and their drivers tend not to take risks.