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This man gives car-pool a new meaning

This incident gives a new meaning to the phrase ”car pool”. Yesterday The Independant reported that an 85-year-old man was left shocked but luckily unharmed on Saturday after he somehow managed to entangle his flip-flops with the pedals of his car and launch the vehicle into a backyard pool at his home in California.

The man was allegedly attempting to park his car in the garage when his flip-flop got caught in the pedal and he lost control of the vehicle and drove it through a rear garage door and into the pool where it ended up fully submerged.

This story is yet further proof that the humble flip-flop is not only a fashion crime, but is also a danger to the well-being of people everywhere.



Axe flies into car’s windshield – driver survives!

Wow, imagine this! An axe slipped from a landscaper’s truck and landed in the windshield of the car behind the truck.

The Massachusetts State Police posted a photo of the incident to Facebook and had this to say:
The man whose car was struck was obeying the speed limit, driving about 65 mph. If he had been speeding, the increased velocity of his car would have increased the power of the axe’s impact, meaning it could very well have gone through the glass and injured his passenger.

If the truck driver was driving just a little bit faster, the axe could have nearly killed the driver. Talk about narrowly escaping death! Police fined the driver of the axe truck $200 for failing to secure the truck’s cargo.

(Source: Someecards)


Jeep Cherokee interior

Woman’s hair causes her death in car crash

A young woman has died in a car crash in Italy after her long hair became entangled with the steering wheel of the car, which caused the car to swerve across the road into oncoming traffic.

Her brother was with her in the car. After the police cut them free from the wreckage, they were immediately taken to a hospital, where the 21-year-old girl passed away.

Her brother, who was reported to be driving the car, said the accident happened after his sister wound down her window, causing her hair to fly about.

(Source: IOL Motoring)


Guy jumps from moving car to end argument with girlfriend

Have you ever had a nasty argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then proceeded to jump out of the car, to get away from it all? Neither have we!

Well, this actually happened last week with a guy in Washington. The guy had a really bad argument with his girlfriend and then decided to jump out of the moving car to escape the situation. We guess he’s probably over the relationship, or maybe it’s just one of those love/hate relationships.

The other problem is that the driver wouldn’t even stop, after the police officers told her to several times. We wonder what they were arguing about?

BUT WAIT, it gets worse, she then tried to run him over! Somehow the guy got back into the car through the passenger windows and tried to wrestle control of the car, while his feet dangled out the window. When she finally stopped into yet another parking lot, her boyfriend stood in front of the car to assure she wouldn’t drive away.

(Source: Auto Express)


Michael Schumacher will remain an invalid for the rest of his life

We have some bad news for those Michael Schumacher fans out there- unfortunately it’s said that he will most likely never recover to his normal state.

The F1 racecar driver suffered severe injuries after a skiing accident in a French ski resort on 29 December 2013.

“He will remain an invalid all his life and will always remain dependent on others’ help,” said neurology specialist Erich Riederer. He added that Schumacher will have “permanent” damage and that it will be a ”success“ if he manages to sit up unaided within the next three months…

However, the doctors are positive about Schumacher waking up from his coma on the 16th of June. “It is an incredibly positive message when someone wakes up after being in a coma for half a year,” Riederer said.

He has since been moved from Grenoble university hospital in France to Lausanne hospital in Switzerland, to be closer to his family home.

(Source: The Independent)