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Emergency numbers to have when driving on the N2

Due to so many hijacking incidents taking place on the N2 near Cape Town International Airport, we felt it was needed to distribute local emergency numbers. If you are a frequent user of the N2 near the airport, it might be a good idea to put these numbers on speed dial!

ER24: 084 124

City of Cape Town Emergency Control Room: 021 480 7700

CSO Community Security Organisation: 086 18 911 18

Tow Truck Service: 021 703 2233, 082 658 0260

Cape Town Airport Police Station: 021 927 2900

Airport Security: 021 937 1229

Arrive Alive (to report bad an incident): 0861 400 800

We also have a list of tips for frequent N2 drivers. We urge everyone to please take note, as these incidents are serious and you don’t want to find yourselves in a situation like that, especially if you’re a woman driving alone.


Guy jumps from moving car to end argument with girlfriend

Have you ever had a nasty argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then proceeded to jump out of the car, to get away from it all? Neither have we!

Well, this actually happened last week with a guy in Washington. The guy had a really bad argument with his girlfriend and then decided to jump out of the moving car to escape the situation. We guess he’s probably over the relationship, or maybe it’s just one of those love/hate relationships.

The other problem is that the driver wouldn’t even stop, after the police officers told her to several times. We wonder what they were arguing about?

BUT WAIT, it gets worse, she then tried to run him over! Somehow the guy got back into the car through the passenger windows and tried to wrestle control of the car, while his feet dangled out the window. When she finally stopped into yet another parking lot, her boyfriend stood in front of the car to assure she wouldn’t drive away.

(Source: Auto Express)


If safety is your #1 priority, the new Volvo XC90 will be the car of your dreams!

We’ve already told you guys a little bit about Volvo’s upcoming SUV, like the fact that it will be powerful and green. However, now it gets even better, as this SUV will officially be one of the safest cars on sale- and we all know how important safety is.

The Volvo XC90 luxury SUV is set to debut later this year and Volvo claims that this seven-seater will be one of the safest cars on sale, with two groundbreaking world firsts in terms of accident prevention.

One of the features involves ‘run-off incidents’, when cars leave the road due to driver error or bad weather. The XC90’s system automatically tightens the front seatbelts, while the seats are designed to minimise spinal injuries if the car encounters a hard landing.

The other world first is a ‘junction brake’ system that stops the car if the driver tries to pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle at a junction. On-board sensors monitor the risk of a rollover during high-speed changes of direction. Also available in the new XC90 is automatic city braking, which recognises not just other vehicles, but cyclists, pedestrians and animals as well.


Great car gadgets you won’t want to live without

Are you a gadget junkie? Always on the outlook for accessories to improve your lifestyle? Then you might love what you see here! Just like you get gadgets and accessories for everyday life, you also get them for your car. We give you the trendiest, coolest and most helpful car gadgets right here.

Steering wheel phone holder
Steering wheel phone holder


Plug-in Audiovox Car Connection Smart Car Device
Plug-in Audiovox Car Connection Smart-Car Device


Phone Holder
Hands-Free Phone Holder


Protective Parking Armour
Protective Parking Armour


Protective Floor Liners
Protective Floor Liners


Blind Spot Camera System
Blind Spot Camera System


All-in-One Coffee Charger/Converter
All-in-One Coffee Charger/Converter


For more car gadgets and accessories, check out our 12 accessories you might need and and some strange car gadgets.


12 signs that your car urgently needs to be looked at

Even though every car owner knows they should get their car checked out frequently and serviced on a scheduled regular basis (and WOW reminds you regularly), a lot of people are still quite lazy or just clueless when it comes to maintaining their car. The truth is, cars are like any other machine, if they don’t get looked after, the chances are it will break down.

Here are 12 signs that your car seriously needs to be looked at:

  1. If the ”check engine” or ”service engine” lights are on.
  2. If your car makes a noise while driving or going over bumps.
  3. If there are any leaks coming from underneath.
  4. If the tyres are constantly loosing air pressure 
  5. Hesitation while driving or difficulty in picking up the speed.
  6. The car tries to jump gear or slipping while driving.
  7. If the vehicle overheats.
  8. Cracked windshield or any missing mirrors.
  9. Inoperative seat belts.
  10. Inoperative fuel gauge.
  11. If the battery is over five years old.
  12. If the spare tyre is in bad shape.

For more information on maintaining your car correctly, check out 5 tips for taking care of your tyres and your guide to basic car maintenance.


Tips for driving on the N2 near Cape Town International airport

After the recent incidences regarding N2 hijackings near Cape Town International Airport, we have received an urgent message to warn all drivers to either stay clear of the area, or follow these tips:

Travellers are being warned of the modus operandi being used by these alleged hijackers:

- Do not drive over any cardboard boxes or plastic bags left in the middle of the road as these could contain cement or rocks and cause serious damage to the car.

- As the driver you are then forced to pull over, putting yourself at risk of ambush alongside the road.

- Additionally, road users are advised to be especially careful during poor visibility or after dark.

1. Always drive in the right hand lane.

2. Never, ever stop on the N2, drive on your cars rims if you have to, but keep going until you see a tow truck, the drivers are armed.

3. Don’t rely on help from the Saps or the Metro cops it is very unlikely to arrive.

4. Fit anti-hijacking smash and grab coatings to all your car windows.

5. Consider driving up the wrong side of the N2, in the emergency lane with your hazard lights on, from the flyover back to the Airport garage as this is the shortest route to help.

6. Load all the Cape Town crew cellphone numbers and emergency numbers into your phone.