WATCH: Renault UK celebrates love

Renault UK can take our money, the trophies and all of our feels.  The motoring industry tends to use heterosexual relationships when selling cars. You know, Mom, Dad and two children in car carrying on their merry way. This video sensitively includes the L and the B from the LBGTQ+ community and we’re here for it.

Before your art/film school critic takes swipe at this Renault UK video we’ll beat you too it. Yes, it creates a simulacrum of a heterosexual relationship for the these women in love. Yes, it uses stereotypes of love lost, homophobic parents and fits into the narrative of a traditional nuclear family. Our only question to this is why can’t LBGTQ+ relationships be whatever they want to be?

This video celebrates Renault’s journey through 30 years of Clio models, and love in its worst and best moments. Renault UK honours that all love is valid and their cars are inclusive. Commissioned by one of the largest car manufacturers in the world we hope this video leads the way for a new marketing narrative in the automotive industry. This is motoring at it’s finest, it’s what Women On Wheels is here for – cars and the content around them should be for everyone.

– END –