Mercedes-Benz B-Class: B is for Beautiful!

The B-Class from Mercedes-Benz, WOW’s Cover Star Car for 2012, is a winner on all fronts, says WOW editor Charleen Clarke.

What does it take to be a WOW cover star? The single most important issue is the car’s star status; it must have (forgive the pun) that wow factor… and there is absolutely no doubt that the brand new Mercedes-Benz B-Class has this in droves. Whether we were driving it during the local launch or shooting it for our cover, the verdict was unanimous: the B-Class is a winner in all departments. Here’s why…

First there is the styling – this is, after all, the reason why so many people buy cars. And there is no doubt that the B-Class is a Seriously Beautiful Car. We love the sleek lines of this new star in the compact car sector (be sure to keep clicking on our website; we will soon be revealing news of yet another delectable compact car from Mercedes-Benz…) With its lower height, it really looks as though it is hugging the road.

Then there is the interior. Much like the model on this year’s cover of WOW, it smacks of style and elegance. And, oh my goodness, consider the space. The B-Class is simply cavernous – whether you’re seated up front or in the rear.

The engines get 10 out of 10 too – especially in the all-important area of economy (let’s face it, no one relishes the thought of visiting the petrol station). The new B-Class is exceptionally frugal; in fact, it uses up to 21 percent less fuel than its predecessor! That’s really something.

Finally, there is the vitally important area of safety. Whether we are travelling solo or with the hubby and kids, this is always top of mind – and the B-Class does a simply sensational job in this regard. It even features a world first in the compact segment: a radar-based collision warning system with adaptive Brake Assist as standard, which lowers the risk of rear-end collisions. This is a really clever system – it works by giving a visual and acoustic warning to alert a possibly distracted driver, and then prepares Brake Assist for the most precise possible braking response.

So the B-Class is a beauty… but one with brains too…

Watch a video of the cover shoot: