Car review: Suzuki Ignis

An instant love affair!

It’s not very often I get in to a car at a launch and instantly develop ‘feelings’ for it. So it came as quite a surprise that a mini-love affair began almost instantly with the new Suzuki Ignis. The butterflies started as I laid eyes on it and just grew the more time I spent in it.

Suzuki Ignis

The Ignis is Suzuki’s offering of an “ultra-compact crossover”. It’s got the looks of an SUV (a mini one) and even has some of the practicalities of one, but is also an affordable budget car!

Speaking of the looks, like I mentioned, it was just about love at first sight! It’s bold, funky and chunky…or perhaps a kinder word to use is “curvey”. The rear is the only area I am a bit torn about, but who doesn’t have issues with their rear? I think the word I would use to describe this little beast is “quirky.”

It has a ground clearance of 180 mm which is rather impressive in such a car, is just 3,7 metres long and 1,69 metres wide. It has pronounced wheel arches, a high waistline and a design that is unmistakably Suzuki. Bear in mind that the designer of this dashing car, Giorgetto Giugiaro, was named Car Designer of the Century and was behind icons like the Golf Mk1, DeLorean, Lotus Esprit to name but a few. 

Suzuki Ignis rear

Inside is just as impressive. It’s clean and modern! And it feels quite spacious considering its dimensions. The boot is not huge as is expected, it sits at 260-litres but if you fold the rear seatback flat, you will get 469-litres of luggage space. You can opt for the entry-level GL or range topping GLX trim levels.

Suzuki Ignis

It is powered by the well-known 1,2-litre four-cylinder engine which you will know from the Swift. You can expect 61 kW of power and 113 N.m of torque. Because the Ignis is so light, this engine is more than capable, especially around town. The open road also proved to be pleasant which again, came as a surprise. I didn’t feel the need to throw my weight forward to make it go faster (don’t pretend you don’t do the same!). Look, it’s not a performance car…obviously…but it’s by no means slow. Fuel consumption is claimed at a low 4,9l/100 km on the automatic and 5,1l/100 km for the 5-speed manual.

Suzuki Ignis

We even got to drive it on some rather uneven terrain. Most car brands will have you believe their cars are capable off the beaten track and then put you on light gravel. This terrain however was not light gravel, in fact there were many a bump and grind and a lot of “rockiness”. The Ignis nailed it! It felt sure-footed and never faulted over the deep holes and big bumps. It’s the generous ground clearance we can thank!

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki was awarded Brand of the Year at the Cars.co.za awards in January. The Ignis was runner up in the 2017 World Urban Car Awards.

The Suzuki Ignis Range

The Suzuki Ignis range consists of three models, spanning two specification levels, and two transmission choices. The efficient 1,2-litre four-cylinder engine is employed across all three variants. 

The new Suzuki Ignis is covered by a standard three-year/100 000 km warranty, as well as a two-year/30 000 km service plan. Services are at 15 000 km/12 month intervals.


1,2 GL MT: R169 900

1,2 GLX MT: R189 900

1,2 GLX AT: R204 900