Car review (launch report): Isuzu KB

a bakkie you could spend hours driving

While attending the media launch of the new Isuzu KB range, we had a good opportunity to really see what these new bakkies could do!

First thing that I noticed while driving one of the new Isuzu KB bakkies, was how comfortable the seat was. The ergonomics of the seat are superb, as well as the positioning of the front console and steering wheel. Everything is easily reachable and this is certainly a bakkie you could spend hours driving, with relatively little discomfort.

Depending on the model, various extras are available. The 3.0 litre variants are equipped with a very functional and easy to use touch display. Featuring navigation and smart phone connectivity, as well as many other useful features – it is easily accessible and easy to use.

At the launch, we started the journey by taking the convoy of Isuzu KB bakkies through some rather demanding dirt roads. The KBs handled it with ease – simply switching the dial located near the gear box activated the 4-wheel drive function and the bakkie cruised through without any difficulties.

After a few hours of driving we headed to the mobile safari lodge Hayward’s. Boasting the only 5 star mobile accommodation in South Africa, we were treated to luxurious accommodation and delicious food.

The next day we took a short drive to a nearby 4×4 course. Here we really got to see what the new Isuzu KB bakkies could do! Having not had much 4×4 experience in the past, I was able to complete the 4×4 course without any difficulties. In fact it was incredibly easy! Letting the KB do the work, even the steepest of hills was just a matter of activating the 4-wheel drive function and just keeping constant pressure on the acceleration. The bakkie just cruised over and upon facing the steep down hill, I didn’t even have to keep my feet on the pedals. With the various systems the KB employs, the bakkie slows itself down (while in gear) and all that’s left to do is steer!

We were then showed the incredible safety features of the stability control system and how effective it is at preventing road accidents. Allowing the driver to avoid an unexpected obstruction in the road and keeping control when returning to the correct lane.


New flagship: Isuzu KB 300 LX 4×4 Double Cab Automatic

  • Addition of five-speed automatic transmission option adds refinement and ease of use for those seeking an SUV with a ‘bak’
  • Standout exterior features include LED daytime running lights and LED technology in the rear lamps for improved visibility
  • Class-leading payload and towing capacity
  • Class-leading emissions and fuel consumption from tried and tested 3.0-litre turbodiesel
  • Upmarket interior with keyless stop/start ignition – a segment first
  • Touch-screen infotainment centre with integrated DVD, reverse camera and satellite navigation – a segment first

New workhorse models: Isuzu KB Extended Cab and Double Cab Fleetside 4x2s

  • 100kW/320Nm high-output 2.5-litre common-rail/direct-injection turbodiesel with variable geometry turbocharger boasts class-leading consumption and emission characteristics
  • Bluetooth-enabled sound system for easy phone integration
  • Rugged, black plastic bumper/valance designed in Isuzu’s school of hard knocks
  • 16-inch wheels with 245/70 dual-purpose tyres

Stability Control for all but entry-level single cabs

  • High output 100kW/320Nm power-plant replaces low-output version across the range
  • Height-adjustable steering added to Base models
  • Cruise Control operated from new, leather-clad steering wheel for LE-grade double cabs
  • New cloth trim for LE and LX models


Single Cab

  • KB 250 Leed 4×2 – R219 400
  • KB 250 Leed F/S 4×2 – R241 500
  • KB 250 D-TEQ F/S 4×2 – R270 600
  • KB 250 D-TEQ LE 4×2 – R307 600
  • KB 250 D-TEQ LE 4×4 – R357 400
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×2 – R355 700
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×4 – R410 000

Extended Cab

  • KB 250 D-TEQ F/S 4×2 – R317 000
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×2 – R394 200
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×4 – R451 800
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×2 Auto – R407 500

Double Cab

  • KB 250 D-TEQ F/S 4×2 – R325 700
  • KB 250 D-TEQ LE 4×2 – R406 200
  • KB 250 D-TEQ LE 4×4 – R429 100
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×2 – R463 700
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×2 Auto – R474 900
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×4 – R523 600
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×4 Auto – R529 700

All Isuzu KB models are sold with a fully-comprehensive 5-year/ 120 000 km warranty and roadside assistance program, a 5-year/ unlimited mileage anti-corrosion warranty and a 5-year/ 90 000 km service plan. Service intervals are 15 000 km or twelve months for all derivatives. Isuzu KBs are available from the GMSA dealer network.