Insurance designed exclusively for women

OUTsurance now offers you even more benefits with Lady@OUT – an impressive insurance product designed exclusively for women.

Here’s to being the more responsible, intuitive, and nurturing gender!  Here’s to juggling your social life with family and work responsibilities; to the increasing battle against ageing – whilst still being an independent, competent, super woman!

And, because you’re a lower insurance risk than your male counterparts – chances are you could pay less for insurance with OUTsurance than your husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, or any of your male friends!

Lady@OUT provides you with a host of exceptional benefits such as spa treatments after certain claims; a driving trip monitoring service; and even a handyman on call for those odd jobs around the house. In addition, you’ll receive handbag cover; we’ll pay for the replacement of your handbag and its contents including any personal documents; and we’ll compensate you when groceries are stolen from your vehicle where there are visible signs of forced entry.  We’ll also send a security guard to your home after a break-in where your home’s security was compromised.

Why choose OUTsurance?

At OUTsurance you never have to worry about small print or hidden costs.  If you need to claim, you’ll pay the fixed excess amount – always.  Also, your premium is guaranteed for 12 months and won’t increase during this time.  We cherry pick our service providers which means that you’re sure to receive the best service at all times.

So, go on – call OUTsurance on 08 600 60 000 to get Lady@OUT today! You certainly deserve it.