The Nissan Micra - Lovin' It!

The Nissan Micra is one of the best-known small cars on the road. It’s like a good friend – reliable, comfortable and ‘fits’. It’s just so lovable!

Fall in love at first sight. Yes, the Nissan Micra is cute and cheeky – the kind of runabout that fits your hectic lifestyle and is always in sync with the city vibe. The Micra is not only hot on function and fashion, it’s also fun to drive.

The interior styling is playful and modern, and everything’s accessible, so you don’t have to take your eye off the road. Electric windows and mirrors let your fingers do the work. And it has the kind of super-efficient aircon you wish you had at home.

Despite its diminutive dimensions it comes fitted with all the gadgets you could wish for – enjoy your music and chat shows with an audio system of note, and keep in contact with the world via your Bluetooth hands-free system, which has steering wheel controls for extra safety and convenience.

This little marvel also has all the safety measures you need. Top of the list is dual front-impact airbags that reduce the risk of facial and upper body injuries for you and your passenger. It also boasts driving assistance like ABS, EBD and brake assist, which come standard across the range. It has power steering with a tilt-adjustable column to give you touch-tip control so you’re in charge in any crisis.

You will be impressed with the way the compact 1.2-litre manual transmission engine lets you hold your own on the road, with great stability and good handling. Nissan Micra’s manoeuvrability lets you zip through the traffic. Plus it has the shortest turning radius in its class. No more missing out on a tight-squeeze parking space!

When it comes to storage, this little car has a huge heart (a 265-litre boot) and lots of hidden compartments throughout.

We can have as much fun with this car as the boys would – and we do it wearing stilettos!