Tales Of a Ferrari Virgin’s First Time

I have never driven a car that costs more than my parents house

Words by Danielle Karallis (Associated Media Photo editor and Videographer)

Danielle loves her Ferrari cap

I have never driven a Ferrari, I have never driven a car that costs more than my parents house…Oh boy. On my way to test drive the Ferrari California T, I was nervous as all hell. Just the thought of driving a R4 335 000 car is enough to make anyone sweat. Leading up to the drive, all I had going through my head was ‘What if I do something wrong?’, much like the other first time we fear… you know what I’m talking about…sex . And boy is this car sexy.

The beautiful Ferrari California T

After parking at the beautiful Natida wine farm, I walked towards the entrance, and I spotted her. Just looking at this elegant V8 sports car parked outside was intimidating enough. The signature red vehicle could be spotted a mile away, there is no red like Ferrari red.
After a short run through by Fay, from Ferrari, on how I should go about driving this beautiful red roadster, it was my turn to jump behind the wheel. Shaky hands fumbling with the seat belt (which seemed so far behind me), I was trying hard not to show the car my fear, because in my mind, it could smell my apprehension.

Finally buckled in, foot hovering above the accelerator, I took a deep breath and off I went. As soon as my foot hit the cool metal of the peddle, all my fear, apprehension and nerves disappeared. I was so surprised by how in control I was. I thought, this is going to be easy.
The problem with it being easy, was that I reached 150 km/h without noticing. Now you have to understand, I drive a 2001 City Golf everyday, she is a beaut, but when you hit 120 km/h you damn-well know it, everything is shacking and your foot is almost flat. The California T can reach 100km/h in just 3,6 seconds. It was a bit of shock to find out I wasn’t in fact travelling at 80 km/h. Oops!

In interior of the Ferrari California T

After a few windy roads on the Durbanville wine route, I gained my confidence. The car was such a pleasure to drive. I never understood it before, but driving such a powerful car that is so elegant and exclusive, is just so exhilarating.

We drove past a school that was at recess, which reminded me of when I was a child. The kids were all screaming and waving as I drove past, I was driving pretty slow, so they were running along the fence to try and keep up with me. I remember doing that exact same thing when i was younger, and now I was in the driver’s seat. This is definitely something to tick off the bucket-list.

Arriving back at Natida, I parked her and climbed out. Leaving behind the Frau semi-aniline leather trim and the rumbling engine of 412 kW was bitter sweet. I felt like I could have driven that car all day and for days after. It’s far more versatile and comfortable than I would have thought and you easily forget that you are driving a luxury sports car.

I may not have reached its top speed of 316 km/h, but I got a taste, and I want more!

Watch Dani’s walk around of the Ferrari California T.

Ferrari California T selfie and me
Ferrari California T selfie and me