Avoid FOMO with the new Nissan Micra

Insert tongue in cheek

Now that’s a title we don’t often print, but as someone who suffers from FOMO, I figured it might be worth writing about. But first, what is FOMO? FO•MO (‘fəʊməʊ) noun. 1. Fear of missing out: Fear of not being included in something, such as an interesting or enjoyable activity, that others are experiencing. -Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

According to a Science Direct study, this Fear of Missing Out affliction impacts nearly three quarters of young adults and the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down. While it seems that primarily millennials suffer from this phenomenon, the effects of FOMO shouldn’t be underestimated.

You have to love Nissan for caring about our emotional wellbeing and so they have listed five ways to avoid the scourge of FOMO (insert tongue in cheek):

  • Alleviate anxiety by keeping up with relevant news such as the fact that Nissan’s brilliant little hatch, the Micra Active, will be in SA soon.
  • Avoid spending money on cheap, gimmicky trends and rather invest your hard-earned bucks in a competitively priced car that offers a class-leading 3-year/90,000km service plan and a 150,000km/6-year warranty.
  • Steer clear of the mob mentality that results in everyone buying the same clothes and cars. Understand that some things, like the funky new Micra Active, offer great value for money, but not everyone is aware of the low running costs, fuel efficiency and low parts basket, so it’s up to you to lead the pack.
  • A study titled “Motivational, Emotional and Behavioral Correlates of Fear of Missing Out”, says that FOMO is the result of low levels of satisfaction. For younger first-time buyers, make an informed decision and know that this fun yet practical ride has features you’ll love, like Bluetooth with Audio Streaming.
  • Lastly, be patient. Don’t buy into the instant gratification myth and wait until September 22, 2017 for the new Micra Active because the redesigned exterior and stylish interior improvements are worth waiting for.

The new Nissan Micra Active will be launched locally in September and will be available at Nissan dealers from September 22. We will be at the launch of the new Nissan Micra so keep your eyes peeled for our review.