Hanging out with the pros at the King Price Xtreme Festival

In case you missed it, this is what went down at the King Price Xtreme Festival 2019…

The King Price Xtreme Festival took place last weekend (Saturday 11 May) and WOW’s resident motorsport writer, Rochelle Blomeyer, was there to get in on all the action…

It’s impossible not to have your heartbeat sync to the “reeeoow” of the super bikes flashing past on the Killarney Raceway as we make our way to the bike pits for our VIP morning with Clint Seller and the King Price Xtreme Yamaha team.

The KP Xtreme Yamaha team consists of two riders, each competing in different classes of the SA Superbike Series. Blaze Baker competing in the 600cc class and Clint Seller (5 time Superbike champ in SA) in the 1000cc class.

The first race being a throttle gripping one to watch as Blaze Baker, on his King Price Xtreme Yamaha R6, in the 600cc class reclaimed his title as reigning champion. Clint Seller on his King Price Xtreme Yamaha R1 stated to have had his electronics needing some tweaking as his bike kept popping up resulting in a second pole position for him in race one.

As the two riders in red cruised into the hospitality tent for refreshments, Clint beamed with a welcoming grin, putting his race aside to play host to us – taking us straight into the mentality of his race and what brought him to riding in the first place.

The former car racer told us that he once threatened to steal his dad’s motorbike if he didn’t let him race, before Clint’s father agreed to allow him on the track in a professional capacity. At the age of fifteen, Yamaha were sponsoring him and he brought home gold.

After seeing his beautiful little girl with her purple earphones on, we had to ask “will you ever allow her to ride?” to which he replied, “I would never want her to, it’s far too unsafe!”. Possibly what Senior Seller had in mind before his adamant son threatened to do it anyway.

It was truly a spoil to catch a glimpse of the KP Xtreme team roaring around Killarney last Saturday and we look forward to catching sight of them next time!