Valentine's Day gift ideas

Here are a few gift ideas to celebrate the day of love

February is the month of love and not to alarm you but Valentine’s Day is on Friday. Sure most of you know where you are taking your loved one for dinner, or maybe a weekend away. What about the gift? We have a few gift ideas for your automotive lover.

Snug in-car fast wireless charger

Car charging mug

This snug in-car charging device fits perfectly in the cup holder of your vehicle without any cable clutter. It fits devices up to 73 mm and has a USB slot, allowing two devices to charge at once.

Ecotech stainless steel exhaust pipe

EcoTech stainless steel exhaust pipe

Allow your loved one to customize their vehicle this Valentine’s Day with an Ecotech exhaust pipe. All Ecotech products come with a 12-month limited warranty.

Portable heavy-duty car tyre pump

Car tyre pump

Don’t let date nights be spoiled or delayed by a tyre with a slow leak. Using the Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator you can get on your way in no time at all.

Orbital polisher

Orbital car polisher

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the shiniest car of them all? This Orbital polisher is a great machine takes the elbow work out of polishing to help a car look brand new again. It comes with a free Miraplate A.O liquid car polish.

Fast and the Furious model car

gift ideas

For all car lovers who love the Fast and the Furious. Go to any Checkers store, they have most of the models featured in the movie.

SoundMatch gift voucher

gift ideas

SoundMatch now offers gift vouchers for any occasion. This can be useful for Valentine’s Day. Each voucher is presented with any theme/occasion of choice.

Chrome skull gear knob

Skull gear knob

Spoil your loved one with a new gear knob,  Autostyle Motorsport has so many to choose from. Visit their site and see which one your partner would like best

Porsche belt

Porsche belt

If your loved one is a Porsche fan and you’re not quite ready to buy him the car, this Porsche belt will make them feel even more stylish than before.

Tie clip of a classic car

Tie clip

For those who wear ties on the daily, here is a tie clip of a classic car, ideal for date nights and to add personalisation to  workwear.