How to wear your seat belt correctly when you are pregnant

How to wear your seatbelt comfortably when you are pregnant
There is no such thing as a comfortable position when you are heavily pregnant. Not when you are standing, sitting, bathing, eating and least of all when you are driving. Even though it might be a more comfortable option to go without the seat belt, it is far more dangerous for both you and your unborn baby. Yes, there is a right way of wearing a seat belt when you are pregnant, one that is least harmful to the baby and more comfortable for you, and here’s how…
The right way to wear a seat belt when you are pregnant.
– Sit back into the seat as comfortably as possible. Adjust the height of the seat and positions until you find a position that suits you.
– The lap-belt part of the restraint should be placed snugly under your abdomen and across your upper thighs.
– Never ever place the lap-belt above or on your belly.
– Place the shoulder-belt over your collar bone so it sits between your breasts and does not hurt your neck in case of an accident.
– You should never place the shoulder-belt behind your shoulder or under your arm.
– If you have a car with an airbag, make sure you sit as far back as practical from the direct line of the airbag.
– Wear the seat belt as tight as possible, so the impact is absorbed by your body’s frame in an accident.


Picture: from Pexels