New car freshener brings your favourite perfume to your vehicle

We all love smelling good, but sometimes the limited and artificial smell of car fresheners can disrupt your personal scent. Luckily, a new product has been created to bring your favourite perfume to your car.

Kar Kologne was founded by Sebastien Normandeau, a man passionate about cars and detailing. He came up with the idea of providing car owners with a unique air diffuser that would give them the possibility of making their car smell the same as their favourite Eau de toilette or perfume.

To use Kar Kologne, open the lid to access the cartridge, spray two mists of your chosen perfume into the cartridge, then sit back and enjoy a freshness that lasts up to two weeks in your car.

“The Kar Kologne air diffuser is designed with quality materials. It has a stylish look in any vehicle interior. Whether it’s in a sports car or a sedan, the Kar Kologne diffuser will always look proud,” the company boast on their Kickstarter page. 

“Made from zinc alloy and 316L stainless steel, our diffuser is built to last.  You will be able to use it as long as you wish.”

Each box comes with a Kar Kologne air diffuser and 6 different coloured cartridges for maximum customisation. The support clip is covered with a non-slip soft material to avoid any movement of the diffuser and to offer anti-scratch protection for the air vent.

It is also kinder to the environment, as it is made entirely with recycled materials.

“Every year millions of car air fresheners end their race to waste. Having a reusable product greatly reduces the ecological impact and pollution in the oceans caused by plastic waste,” explains the company.

The company is now appealing for funders to help back the product and begin mass production. Their Kickstarter campaign began in December 2020, with a goal of raising $11,272 (R169 481,51). They hope to begin mass production by March 2021 and ship in June.

Picture: Kickstarter / Kar Kologne