World's Top Selling Car Model In Every Country

Can you guess which car is king of South Africa’s roads? 

ParkIndigo has revealed the world’s top selling car model in every country. Can you guess which car is king of South Africa’s roads?

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There are more cars being manufactured today than any other time in history, with over 88.1 million cars moving from the manufacturer into consumer or company hands in 2016.

In Britain, the car industry enjoyed a record year of exports. More than 1.72 million vehicles were built in Britain in 2016, up 8.5% on the previous year and the highest figure since 1999. Of those, 1.35 million were shipped worldwide for export by 15 manufacturers.

The top selling car models in the UK are easy to spot; on every street there’s at least one Fiesta, Corsa or Golf – In fact, the Volkswagen Golf if the number one car model in the UK right now according to the latest sales for 2017. Since it was originally released in 1974, it has endured for decades, with each subsequent update giving the Golf new features and enhancements it needs comfortably keep up with the competition, while still providing the same experience that made British people fall in love with it.

Across the pond in the USA, the Ford F-150 is the best selling car model, just like the year before, and the year before that! In fact, the F-series has been America’s best selling truck for over 40 years. Since its introduction in 1948, there have been many different variants – from high performance models to off road models, but beneath it all the F-150’s robust nature always shines through.

But, what is the most popular car model in other countries around the world? We’ve analysed sales figures to reveal the top selling car model in every country.

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When it comes to car manufacturers, Toyota storms ahead to take the top spot dominating the sales markets. The Japanese auto industry pioneer is now the world’s biggest carmaker overall, earning top marks from experts and customers alike for quality and innovation.

The car market today is overflowing with different models, but which car is king of the roads in your country? Take a look at the map to find out.

Via ParkIndigo