10 ways you can become a better driver in 2021

10 ways you can drive better

There are many incidents that occur on the road daily that are caused by either drunk or negligent driving. Rather than waiting until you’re in one of these situations, practice safe driving now.

Back to the basics, here are 10 things we should keep in mind while operating a vehicle:

Do not drink and drive

If you have plans to indulge in alcohol, rather stay home or make use of convenient e-hailing services available. The lives of others matter too.

Stay in your lane

It is always advisable to follow the markings on the road. Solid painted lines (and islands). The purpose of these painted islands is to create a buffer of space between two opposing lanes of traffic.

Keep left and pass right

It is always safer to pass on the right and it is common courtesy to move to the left if the car behind you would like to pass.

Correct seating position

At any advanced training course, you will be taught how to sit properly while driving. Driving with one hand on the wheel might seem cool, but will not have any benefit to you in a situation that requires an abrupt, evasive manoeuvre.

Keep a safe following distance

If you tailgate aggressively, even the best braking systems in the world are not guaranteed to stop within a safe distance should the car ahead brake very hard. Always leave a reasonable gap between yourself and the car in front.

Do not exceed the speed limit

We all have been guilty of this at some point. Exceeding the limit by a few digits is inevitable, particularly on the highway when you need to overtake another vehicle safely. Regularly speeding down a residential road at 140km/h when you are meant to be driving 60km/h is irresponsible and silly.

Do not text and drive

If you really have an urgent call or a message to answer, rather pull over than use your phone and drive. Put it away and focus on driving.

Be polite

If someone has their indicator on to turn, do not speed up to pass them, rather slow down and offer them a gap. Keep in mind that a four-way stop and traffic circles are there for a purpose to slow you down and ease up on road rage.

Anticipation is key

As unfortunate as it sounds, expecting the worst at all times from fellow road users could prevent a blindsided accident.

Always be alert

Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether it be a motorcyclist in your side mirror or another vehicle in your blind spot. Exercise vigilance and simply respect all road users.

Picture: Women On Wheels Gallery