27 Custom Range Rovers now has SA inspired colour names

27 Custom Range Rovers now has SA inspired colour names

Land Rover South Africa has made twenty-seven custom Range Rovers in eight special colours available to the South African market.

This is similar to the Range Rover Sport built as a tribute to the Springbok Rugby Team in its Pantone Green.

The eight colours were assigned to South African inspired titles as a local element project. All twenty-seven of these are already on sale at Jaguar Land Rover retailers around the country.

The new special collection includes twenty Range Rover SVRs finished in a colour of Stimela sa Sebusku, single Range Rover Sport SVRs in iZi Khaleni Plum, 1000 Hills Green, Namaqua Orange, Egoli Yellow and single Range Rover SVAD units in Bantry Blue, Sibudu Stone and Sudwala Eve.

27 Custom Range Rovers now has SA inspired colour names

To complement the new unique paint offerings, each Range Rover custom door sill plates with the words ‘Built by Special Vehicle Operations’ with circular B-pillar badges with ‘SVO Bespoke’ logos.

The twenty-seven customers to own these vehicles each will receive a certificate of authenticity boasting SVO logos matching the paint finishes and naming the South Africa-inspired colours.

South African customers who are interested in the custom paint, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are not limited to these twenty-seven offerings, as a personal colour preference, it can be applied to Range Rover Sport SVR, Range Rover SVAD and Jaguar F-PACE SVR models.

27 Custom Range Rovers now has SA inspired colour names

The personalisation of the interior range is limitless with leather options through SV Bespoke so the customer can specify a vehicle with exact preferences.

Here is a description of what inspired each colour

Sibudu Stone

This colour was inspired by the ancient cliffs of the Sibudu Cave in Kwa Zulu Natal, Sibudu Stone is a rich, pearlescent grey-blue shade.

Sudwala Eve 

Inspired by the oldest caves in the world, this exclusive Sudwala Eve finish boasts an enigmatic aura as moving with the historic South African landmark itself.

Like the 2.8-billion-year-old dolomite rocks which comprise the Sudwala cave system.

Bantry Blue

Inspired by Atlantic waters and the sky of Bantry Bay in the Western Cape, Bantry Blue is a deep colour evocative of summer escapes that will make heads turn.

Stimela sa Sebusuku

Stimela sa Sebusuku translates from isiZulu as ‘Midnight train’. This deep satin black finish underlines the Range Rover Sport’s athletic lines while paying tribute to the iconic transport responsible for making South Africa what it is today.

27 Custom Range Rovers now has SA inspired colour names


Namaqua Orange

Inspired by the colour of Flower Route north of Cape Town that is transformed in springtime flourishes with daisies, Namaqua Orange is a vibrant orange.

Egoli Yellow

Inspired by Johannesburg, the city of Gold. Egoli yellow is a vibrant yellow representing South Africa’s sunshine and the warmth of our people.

1000 Hills Green

Inspired by the hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Izi Khaleni Plum

Inspired by the deep purple sunset often witnessed near a bunch of rocks in Coffee Bay. Translated from Xhosa, izi Khaleni means ‘Place of thunder’. Making it ideal for the Powerful Range Rover SVR.

Picture/s: Motorpress