3 of the hottest cars coming to SA this year

What more can one look forward to in the motoring world?

With the new year already firmly commencing, it also welcomes the line-up of cars being launched in South Africa in 2015. Among our daily routine we certainly are excited to welcome the powerful newcomers.

Here are 3 of the hottest cars to be welcomed to the country in 2015:

1. Ford Mustang

One of the big classics have returned, and it’s heading for SA. The Ford Mustang is set to arrive in the last quarter of the year and is only on of an array of new cars that Ford is planning on introducing to Africa.


2. Mercedes-AMG GT S

Well, what can one say? Reports suggest this car will arrive in May of 2015, and we can’t be more excited to test her out. It’s not just the look of the car that’s purely astounding, but what goes on under the hood might make a car-enthusiast fall in love.

source: iafrica.com

3. Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R hot hatch is said to arrive in the second-quarter of the new year and with 260kW of power it is definitely on our list of hottest cars of 2015.