All-new Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar’s new F-Type has been announced, we’re loving that the engine range retains the famous V8 growl

Jaguar has been designing sports cars for more than 70 years and their designs are synonymous with elegance and speed. If the images of the new F-Type are anything to go by, they’re not changing anything and we’re grateful.


The engines

The engine range includes the entry-level turbocharged four-cylinder producing 221 kW, a supercharged six-cylinder producing 280 kW, and the range-topping F-Type R supercharged V8 packing a powerful 423 kW. Each model has an eight-speed quickshift (auto) transmission with manual over-ride control using the gear selector or steering-wheel-mounted paddles for a more engaging driving experience.

Wireless technology

The new F-Type includes driver-focused technology, key here is that software updates can be done wirelessly without the need to schedule a service. We love technology that frees up our time.



Design language

Design Director of Jaguar, Julian Thomson says, “Design is the most beautiful sports car, with purity, proportion and presence that’s unmistakably Jaguar: that was the challenge we set ourselves. The new F-Type is more dramatic than ever, with even greater clarity purpose in every line, surface and feature, and embodies true Jaguar design DNA.

“State-of-the-art technologies together with luxurious materials and finishes deliver beauty with purpose in an interior which will delight driver and passenger alike even before the engine starts and the journey begins. Jaguar has been making sports cars for more than 70 years, and that rich heritage has inspired the team to create something truly extraordinary.”

Jaguar F-Type


Not just a pretty face

Jaguar is saying that they’re not deviating from what works for them and they’ll continue to focus on purity and discpline as design principles. The  F-Type’s new grille (or face) has more black mesh and should stand out from the crowd in a parking lot. On the rear the lights have taken inspiration from the Jaguar I-Pace all-electric performance SUV.

The interior is the usual Jaguar fare, luxury and fabrics with titles of Windsor Leather, satin-finish Noble Chrome, Jaguar Leaper motifs in the headrests and Jaguar EST. 1935 marked on the centre console. So basically, you and your passenger will be in the lap of sportscar luxury.

Jag interior

Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar F-Type, Alan Volkaerts says, “The new F-Type is the definitive Jaguar sports car and continues to set the benchmark for design purity, driver engagement and reward, and a truly visceral driving experience – it makes every journey extraordinary. Its timeless looks are more assertive than ever, technologies such as the high-definition virtual instrument cluster deepen the driver-focused feel of the interior, while the range of powertrains offers a breadth of choice unrivalled in the segment. Enthusiasts will appreciate the new F-Type R’s 423 kW supercharged V8, enhanced chassis and intelligent all-wheel-drive system, which delivers truly outstanding performance in all conditions while retaining its inherent tractability and usability.”

F-Type R

The matriarch  F-Type R has a newer foundation (chassis), wider 20-inch wheels (better traction) finished in Gloss Black, anti-roll bars (more stable) and stiffer rear-ball joints delivering better tyre stability, driving performance and agility enabling the F-Type R to reach 100 km in 3.7 seconds.

Jag infographic

If you have the cash to splash you can buy the exclusive F-Type First Edition. Based on the R-Dynamic models (the ones with all the toys), the First Edition model is offered for one year, and has an Exterior Design Pack in contemporary Dorchester Grey and 20-inch wheels in Gloss Technical Grey, complementing the choice of Santorini Black, Eiger Grey or Fuji White paint.

The F-Type range will land in South Africa in 2020.

F-Type R-Dynamic Coupé and Convertible:

221kW 2.0-litre four-cylinder

280kW 3.0-litre supercharged V6

F-TypeFirst Edition Coupé and Convertible:

280kW 3.0-litre supercharged V6 AWD

F-Type R Coupé and Convertible:

423kW 5.0-litre supercharged V8 AWD


Images: Motorpress