Another terrifying reason not to drive on the N2 at night

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An email was sent to the Strand Neighbourhood Watch on 20 July 2015 and tells the horrific ordeal a 28 year old man endured on Friday night along the N2. The email was posted to the Strand Neighbourhood Watch Facebook Page.

Please guys, be careful and try to avoid travelling on the N2 in Cape Town at night. And tell your loved ones!

“Our long-time friends’ son (28) was on Friday evening, July 17, 2015, at half past seven on the N2 towards Cape Town with a Polo. At Boy’s Town they drove over bricks which were thrown into the road, and a tire burst. They stopped and he got out to change the tire. He kept the car key with him and locked the doors with the remote to protect the girls.

While bending at the wheel, he was attacked from behind with a knife. The attack was so violent that the knife was struck through his collarbone. Despite of his injured collarbone a fierce battle took place between him and his attacker. He was stabbed several times in the leg, forearm, side and hand as they rolled in the grass.

He managed to unlock the car and they drove off. He turned off at the Baden Powell off-ramp to make a U-turn, back to the Engen garage. As a result of the loss of blood he was losing consciousness.He and one of the girls changed places. They did not realize the extent of his injuries and every time they wanted to stop the bleeding, they pushed the collarbone into his body.

While they were traveling with the flat tire, they called his brother, who called the police and an ambulance and rushed to the Engen garage. When he arrived at the garage, his brother was already unconscious. The ambulance never arrived and the police could not do anything for him.

In desperation his brother carried him to his bakkie and rushed to the Medi-Clinic in Somerset West. On arrival an operation was carried out on him and the collarbone was repaired and the wounds stitched.

He is at home today. It is simply the grace of God that he is alive. His parents were at the Victoria Falls when the incident occurred, and the first time they heard of the incident was when they arrived at the home on Saturday evening.

Its incidents like this that test my faith to the utmost.”

Keep this list of emergency numbers with you when driving or memorise 112.  And read these tips for driving on the N2, it could just save your life!

Source: South Africa Today