Art? Or just a Mercedes-Benz covered in paint?

French artist gives Mercedes-Benz GLA a glorified paint job

I love it when instances like these appear where I can write about cars and art together, sadly there are so few of them, and when they do come about- they aren’t really all that ”arty”.

This Mercedes-Benz GLA covered in paint (which is probably making a lot of car-enthusiasts cringe and say ”eek”) is the work of the Los Angeles based self-proclaimed filmmaker and street artist Thierry Guetta, best known as Mr Brainwash. Haven’t heard of him? Well a lot of people haven’t. The only thing that kind of puts him in the spotlight is his affiliation with Banksy through the ”Exit Through the Gift Shop” movie-documentary.

Artist or not, do you think the fact that this French guy covered a Mercedes-Benz in paint justifies this work as ”art”? A lot of people see the Mercedes-Benz as art in itself. Whatever your thoughts may be, you might want to take into consideration his ”artworks” sell for five-figure sums. We wonder how much this Mercedes artwork will sell for?