Battle of the Bakkies!

The Ranger made up an impressive 7% of all new vehicle purchases in SA.

South Africans have always loved their bakkies and it’s no surprise that these make up a large percentage of the total vehicles sold throughout the country.

In June 2015 – ‘Light Commercial Vehicles’ accounted for approximately 30% of all vehicles sold throughout South Africa. Amounting to 14751 vehicles of the total 50251 sold – according to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA).

As you would imagine, the battle for the number one position for bakkies sold is fierce! The two contenders are of course the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger.

The Toyota Hilux – up until recently – had been able to retain the number one spot for bakkies sold, however the Ford Ranger has now taken this coveted title.

With 3019 bakkies sold in June 2015 alone, the Ranger made up an impressive 7% of all new vehicle purchases in South Africa during this month.

Close at its heels though,  was the Toyota Hilux – with 2912 bakkies sold during the same period.

While the Ranger may hold the title of ‘Most Sold Bakkie,’ Toyota still holds the greatest market share across all models of vehicles. Toyota vehicles made up 27% of all bakkies sold and approximately 20% of all vehicles sold across all segments, for the month of June.

Whether or not the Ford Ranger will retain its number one spot remains to be seen, as Toyota will be aiming to retake this title, adding to its already impressive collection.