Chevrolet Spark sales spiked in 2014

The Spark sales increased by 25% in 2014

Have you been seeing sparks flying around everywhere? Don’t worry, it’s probably just Chevrolet’s affordable, budget-focused car. The Spark range has presented itself as a key market player in 2014, after sales figures revealed a significant increase in volume compared to that of 2013.

The locally-produced A-segment Chevrolet Spark range, which includes six derivatives from the utility-oriented Spark Pronto to the funky Spark Black & White Edition, saw sales increase by 25% in 2014, compared to the previous year.

Brian Olson, General Motors South Africa Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, comments: “The fact that the Chevrolet Spark continues to find favour among South African consumers is testament to its suitability to the market.

The Spark, which touts affordability as one of its most important attributes, remains a key product within the Chevrolet portfolio, which in its own right serves to introduce new, especially younger first-time buyers, to the Chevrolet brand.

The high volume of sales might also be partly due to speculation that the Spark is the safest budget-buy car available in South Africa.