CT taxi drivers demand that fines be scrapped

Cape Town taxi drivers start #finesmustfall campaign…

In an attempt to have traffic fines scrapped, Cape Town taxi drivers have started a #finesmustfall campaign.

Today, IOL reported that Isaac Goliat, an organiser of the taxi drivers, said they demand that the Western Cape government scrap their old fines, decrease prices on traffic fines, stop focusing on taxi drivers on the roads and that permits be issued where necessary.

Goliat also stated that they were tired of being harassed by traffic officers. “Traffic fines are too high, we can’t afford to pay them. We do not even have a minimum wage.”

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In an email to Transport and Public Works MEC Donald Grant, minibus taxi drivers said that they were treated like criminals while trying to make an “honest living”.

A meeting between Transport and Public Works and Cape Town taxi drivers is to be arranged.

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