Date ideas while remaining inside your vehicle

Date ideas while remaining inside your vehicle

Dating has become a lot less sexy with fears surrounding Covid-19 ever present. Between masks, sanitising, social distancing and adhering to all safety protocols, there isn’t much room left for romance.

But have you ever thought of a date without leaving the comfort of your car? Women on Wheels provides you with these simple ideas of how to take your life partner on a superb night out that includes social distancing and all protocols.

Go-Drive-in movie theatre and food truck roadhouse:


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This location is an ideal place for a date. While being in your car, you and your partner are able to enjoy popcorn, a cooldrink and in some cases on a Thursday, there are food trucks available too. Enjoy all of this while being in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Mr Delivery, Uber eats or a drive-thru:

Order from your favourite restaurant as a takeaway or go through a drive-thru and take a drive along the scenic routes of Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Chapmans Peak etc. Choose a private, social distanced spot and park off to enjoy the view and your delicious meal.

Your own movie theatre in your car:

If you are wanting to create your own theatre, be sure to pack a basket filled with those sweet delights, enough popcorn and cooldrink, find the best view possible from the mountain tops of Signal Hill or Table Mountain to enjoy the ocean views, make sure your laptop, tablet etc is charged and off you go.

Date spoils inside your vehicle as if you were in a restaurant:

If you want to be really extravagant, decorate your vehicle with some flowers or something and just make it romantic. Turn your vehicle into a personal restaurant and make use of those cup holders for your drinks. The armrests of the doors and middle console in between the two front seats should provide comfortability, enabling you to eat with ease.

A basic picnic:

If you want a really simple and easy picnic but not in the open air, lower the back seats of your vehicle, open the boot or chill at the back of your bakkie and lay a blanket down, with your picnic basket on it, and be sure to find a spot with a remarkable view of the ocean side namely, Muizenberg, Blouberg, Signal Hill etc.

Explore our Mother City’s coastlines:

Explore our coastlines and take your partner on a simple drive and enjoy the scenic route of nature or the ocean and the time spent together with some catch-up talk on the way. Go along Boyes Drive, Chapman’s Peak, Blouberg, or head out to Strand. The list is endless.

A drive to do some bird watching:

Table Bay Nature Reserve, Milnerton Lagoon, Two Rivers Urban Park and Cape Point are great park off places for those lovers who enjoy bird watching along with a view of nature while also having a quick bite to eat with some refreshments.

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