Ford Kuga owners frustrated over shortage and delay of replacement parts

Ford Kuga debacle continues

While 43 Ford Kugas around the country have caught fire since December 2015, Kuga owners are now experiencing delays when attempting to get their cars fixed, due to a shortage and backlog in parts.

Timeslive reported today (Wednesday 11 January 2017) that the backlog is expected to last until the middle of the month and possibly stretch into February.

This is despite Ford’s indication that full parts coverage would be achieved in a few days and Kuga owners have taken to social media to express their frustrations.

One owner says she was told that she could not be helped until next week while her vehicle has been at the Ford Secunda dealership in Mpumalanga since last week.

Another said that she had taken her Kuga in last week to have the coolant system checked and was told that it would take an hour. Instead she was left without a car for a week.

According to the FORD Vehicles Burning Facebook page, owners have been told that the parts are only expected to arrive in February some time, while owners are too scared to drive their vehicles until necessary repairs have been made.

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Source: Timeslive and Facebook