Ford's Satnav Breadcrumbs Feature

Ford’s Satnav Breadcrumbs feature enables you to find your way back again

Have you ever wanted to go on a offroad adventure but are afraid of not being able to find your way back? Ford’s Satnav Breadcrumbs feature makes everything so much easier.

When offroading it can be difficult to track landmarks and wheel tracks. The ones you see might not even be yours, and can either lead you to or away from your destination.

Ford satnav breadcrumbs

The Ranger Raptor is fitted with SYNC3 navigation that has the breadcrumbs feature as standard. The systems works by dropping a virtual pin every second, this enables drivers to return to their starting point.

Product Marketing Manager at Ford Motor Company SA, Dale Reid says, “the Ranger Raptor is a unique breed – a thoroughbred desert racer as well as an extreme lifestyle off-roader that can toil with the best of them in the harshest of working conditions”.

What makes the Raptor so unique is that is was specially designed to tackle those heavy terrains. Built to run at high speed offroad while providing complete comfort for the occupants.

Ford satnav breadcrumbs feature

How does it work?

  1. Enable the Breadcrumbs feature in the SYNC3 navigation settings
  2. Breadcrumbs does the rest for you, dropping a virtual pin every second
  3. When it is time to head home, simply follow the breadcrumbs trail.

“The system is yet another example of the way in which Ford helps tailor its vehicles for local conditions and use. Drivers can now tackle off-road routes without worrying about getting lost,” says Reid.

Reid further continued that Ford Stability Control (FSC), incorporating Roll Mitigation Function and Electronic Stability Control, Trailer Sway Control and Load Adaptive Control are all part of what makes the Ranger Raptor such a unique model.

Ford satnav breadcrumbs

FSC was developed for Ford’s sport utility vehicle (SUV) models to improve vehicle control. It’s designed to detect and counter oversteer by using brake force on certain wheels, while understeer is addressed by reducing engine torque and applying brakes on certain wheels to improve cornering and prevent the vehicle from turning wide and going into the oncoming traffic.

“The Ranger Raptor delivers previously unheard-of levels of off-road capability and performance for a standard production model, making it a totally unique, trend-setting offering in the competitive pickup segment in South Africa,” Reid concludes.


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