Take a free Uber and pledge not to drink and drive!

58% of all road fatalities in SA happen as a result of drunk drivers

It’s shocking to see that as many as 58% of all road fatalities in SA happen as a result of drunk drivers. Take a free Uber and ‘Pledge’ not to drive drunk!

The main reason for such a high rate of drunk driving in South Africa, is most certainly the lack of other alternatives. However, this is no excuse.

Drunk driver arrested while driving at 23 times the limit!

In an attempt to try and solve this problem, or at least reduce it – Uber and SAB have partnered up to lend a hand to partygoers this holiday season. In Joburg, Durban and Cape Town at any SAB events, you will have the option to take a free Uber if you are over the legal limit!

Well not a completely free Uber, but a R100 discounted ride! In order to qualify you’ll need to visit the Uber breathalyser kiosks that will be set up at these SAB events. After taking the breathalyzer test, if you’re over the limit then you will qualify for the free Uber lift (to the value of R100). This free Uber applies to both new and existing users.

New strategies required to combat drunk driving!

During peak times these holidays however, the price will surely increase substantially. On New Year’s R100 may only get you down the road!

Uber’s General Manager Alon Lits exclaimed,

“Too many lives are destroyed by someone driving after drinking, but we’ve seen first-hand that, where passengers can push a button and get a safe, affordable ride in minutes, we can help stop this.”

Stay tuned to social media platforms for more info on these breathalyser kiosks and free Uber rides.