Harman introduces concerts from your car

Harman introduces concerts from your car

Automotive supplier Harman revealed its latest innovation which it sees taking cars to an entirely new level.

The company revealed three new “experience concepts” that bring together technologies to transform a vehicle from a mode of transport to a gaming console, recording studio or concert hall.

Harman explained that they consider the vehicle a third living space, alongside your work and your home. While many still consider their car a tool, more and more it is becoming a hub which the company thinks should be better utilised.

If you had these experiences available in your car, you could use the downtime spent in it better. If you’re waiting to pick someone up, you could send the time gaming through the infotainment system, a date could be parking over a great view and watching your favourite band live, and if you’re a podcaster you could record your entire show from the improved sound-proof location of your car.

The company especially points to the impending growth of 5G technologies to make such innovative steps possible. With the speeds 5G offers and the expansive cloud space opening up, having such technologies wouldn’t have to be incredibly expensive.

“With traditional live events being put on pause, the demand for live music experiences is higher than ever. As a result, we’ve entered a new era of music enjoyment, with live concert-streaming and drive-in concerts taking center stage,” said Frank Moffa, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Car Audio, said in a statement.

“At HARMAN, we understand that music and experience are deeply intertwined. Our commitment to ensuring the greatest Experiences per Mile is brought to life through our latest audio innovations. Powered by decades of acoustic expertise combined with our leading connected technologies.”

Picture: Harman