Hijackers impersonating cops brutally attack motorist

Assuming, like anyone would, that they were police or traffic officials

Hijackers impersonating cops pull over unsuspecting motorists! Kobus Bester, owner of an ambulance service, was an unfortunate victim of these criminals.

After seeing a white VW Golf with blue lights near Byenes on Tuesday night, he was subsequently pulled over. Assuming, like anyone would, that they were police or traffic officials and not hijackers impersonating cops.

Xander Loubser, spokesperson for Best Care Ambulance Services, reported that Bester was pulled over and asked for his driver’s license, which seems fairly standard.

Xander adds,

 “When he took out the licence the men took out a knife and told him to get out of the car.

Kobus tried to grab a tool to defend himself and the men grabbed him and pulled him out of his bakkie. Kobus fought back and the men stabbed him on the head, in the face and on his arm before kicking him.”

“They grabbed his wallet but fled and left his vehicle when Kobus kept on fighting them off.”

Bester is in critical condition after sustaining severe injuries. He is currently in the Eugene Marais hospital in Pretoria

“This was the second time Kobus was involved in a hijacking incident. He was shot in the stomach by hijackers in 2008.”

This isn’t the first incident of hijackers impersonating cops that has occurred recently. Last Friday reports of a motorist being robbed of their possessions and vehicle by hijackers impersonating cops. Held at gunpoint they were robbed of their personal belongings on Van der Hoff Road, near Ten Rooms.

“The man and woman were driving from Rustenburg to Pretoria around 14:30 when they were stopped by a bogus traffic cop who asked for the driver’s licence,” said Hartbeespoort community policing forum spokesperson, Romano van der Spuy.

The unfortunate couple were forced out of their vehicle, tied up and left in the bushes, while these criminals left with their vehicle.

The Hartbeespoort police, as well as the Hercules police are investigating these cases. However, if you live in these areas, be very careful! Try avoid driving at night if possible, as this seems to be when these incidents occur.

Source: Kormorant.co.za