Honda look to F1 tech for cleaner engine solutions

Honda look to F1 tech for engine solutions

Honda want to make cleaner engines for bikes and is considering using Formula 1 technology to make this possible.

A patent from Honda shows an engine that uses pre-chamber combustion, which is standard in all f1 cars, according to Motorcycle News. 

The concept in the patent takes this combustion chamber and splits it into two areas. On the intake stroke, the main section is filled with a lean fuel/air mixture while the second part gets a rich mixture of air and fuel. The spark plug sits in the second chamber and so it can easily ignite the rich mixture to allow flames into the main chamber. This means a more efficient burn of the lean fuel.

This system is not new but the way the chambers are designed is really where Honda have gotten innovative. The chamber is made up of a rotary valve. This turns and the cut-outs in the walls either isolate the pre-chamber or opens it to the main combustion chamber. When the plug ignites the fuel, the valve exposes holes which focus the jet flames in the direction of the main chamber. This helps the lean fuel mixture burn almost completely.

This is where Honda is aiming to get its maximum efficiency and low emissions.

Picture: @hondapowersports/Twitter