Jaguar Land Rover's Zero Emissions tour

Jaguar Land Rover completed a Zero Emissions tour marking two years of its UK manufacturing and product development facilities

Jaguar Land Rover has completed a Zero Emissions tour to mark two years of its UK manufacturing and product development facilities that have been certified as carbon neutral. Their aim is to make the environment safer and healthier.

Zero emissions tour

The all-electric, Jaguar I-Pace completed a zero emissions tour from Gaydon to Halewood in England with a few stops along the way. The first stop was the company’s Whitley headquarters, followed by the home of Land Rover in Solihull, the newly electrified Castle Bromwich manufacturing facility in Birmingham and the Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) in Wolverhampton.

The journey started after the I-Pace was charged at Gaydon using a smart-charger powered by solar panels that are fitted to the new Advanced Product Creation Centre. With a single charge, the Jaguar I-Pace had a 470 km range and without any fuss, completed the 229 km route.

Jaguar Land Rover achieved its Carbon Trust re-certification two years ago, when the manufacturer committed to be a carbon neutral UK manufacturer by 2020

zero emissions

Carbon Trust certified the manufacturer for a second consecutive year on the 31 January 2020, confirming that goals have been met between April 2018 and March 2019 across the Jaguar Land Rover vehicle manufacturing assembly operations and product development sites.

Head of Certification at the Carbon Trust, John Newton says, “Jaguar Land Rover was the first UK automotive manufacturer to have met the internationally recognized PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality across its vehicle manufacturing assembly operations and product development sites; and the organisation has continued to deliver further reductions over the past 12 months, which is great to see. We’re delighted that Jaguar Land Rover has remained committed to delivering carbon neutral manufacturing in the UK.”

The PAS 2060 standard mentioned above focuses on all the necessary requirements to achieve and demonstrate carbon neutrality.

Jaguar Land Rover achieved its carbon neutral status by investing in energy-saving equipment such as solar panels and LED lighting. The CO2 emissions in the UK are currently down by 74% when compared to the CO2 emissions in 2007.

zero emissions tour

Responsible Business Director, Chris Thorp says, “Destination zero places long term sustainability at the heart of our business. A decade of innovations has enabled us to achieve carbon neutral status, and to be certified two years in a row reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire business. But we’re not stopping here, we will continue to drive forward projects across our business to help us close the loop on precious resources.”

Jaguar Land Rover invested in a Gold Standard logo certification mark program around the globe for non-governmental emission reduction projects such as clean and safe water tasks in Kenya and Uganda and clean cook-stove programs in India and Ghana. This does not only impact the environment in a positive way but benefits us as the people socially.


Images: Motorpress