Jeremy Clarkson still feeling after effects of COVID-19

Jeremy Clarkson still feeling after effects of COVID-19

Grand Tour host and much-loved car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson confirmed to fans on Instagram that he is still experiencing some side effects after his COVID-19 diagnosis.

The TV star said after Christmas he had COVID-19 but had a relatively easy time of it, laying in bed reading until his symptoms went away.

Clarkson admonished the media for saying he “battled” with COVID since “he lay in bed with what felt like a cold, reading a book until it went away”. This despite fears as he is part of the high-risk category.

More recently. fans noted his heavy breathing in an Instagram video with one noting: “This video was literally taken after Jeremy had ran a marathon.”


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Clarkson responded saying he wasn’t positive for COVID-19 anymore but was still dealing with some of the after-effects.

“Correction. I just had Covid. Still a bit breathless,” he replied.

Picture: Jeremy Clarkson/Twitter