Kia Rio takes home 2021 Vincentric Best Value award

Kia Rio takes home 2021 Vincentric Best Value award

The Kia Rio hatchback earned the 2021 Vincentric Best Value in America Award, placing first in the subcompact Hatchback category.

Vincentric, which is an industry leader in terms of cost-of-ownership data and analysis, determined the winners by analysing the current market price and the total cost of ownership for all 2021 vehicle models.

“Kia’s transformation into a world-class car company has earned the brand significant accolades across its entire vehicle line-up, and this latest honour from Vincentric is further testament to Kia’s commitment to quality and value,” said Kia America’s president and CEO, Sean Yoon.

The refreshed Kia Rio is an attractive option for customers looking for stylish efficiency and a strong value proposition. The vehicle was introduced to the South African market in December 2020.

The “refreshments” includes a subtly renewed exterior, two new exterior colour options, and a repositioning of the range to offer customers more features and more value throughout the range.

“The Rio remains a popular and important model in the KIA lineup, and with the latest revisions to its design aesthetic and better infotainment and connectivity features, our approach is to build on the Rio’s key strengths and augment the inherent practicality and quality of the model,” said Kia South Africa’s CEO,  Gary Scott.

The Kia Rio took home the award because it had the lowest repair and depreciation costs of all the vehicles it competed against, according to Vincentric President, David Wurster.

“These low costs helped the Rio outperform the competition for the 2021 Vincentric Best Value in America Awards and prove its strong value in the consumer market,” he said.

Pricing for the Kia Rio starts at R280 995.

Picture: Kia Motors