Are you certain your kids are safe on their way to school?

If your kids travel by taxi or bus to school you should read this

In this past week, Cape Town Traffic Services conducted a scholar transport inspection at a school in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town, and the results were beyond shocking.

The inspection, which is part of the Western Cape’s Safely Home campaign, found the following worrying faults in the scholar transportation system:

–   Drivers operated without necessary permits 

– Many vehicles were overloaded with children

– Vehicles were found to be operating without a licence

– Vehicles were not roadworthy

– One vehicle  was in a state of such a bad state that the door fell off upon inspection

Western Cape MEC of transport and public works, Donald Grant, said,

This was just one of many such operations conducted by CoCT Traffic Services in and around the Metro area, targeted driver fitness, as well as roadworthiness for scholar transport vehicles.”

“This poses a serious threat to the safety of all the children who are forced to travel under such adverse conditions.”

Results of the inspection:

– Six vehicles were impounded

– Two vehicles were issued fines for faulty tyres, with a further two receiving fine relating to safety belts

Grant also said, “Parents must partner with us in our efforts to protect school children, and must, when contracting privately with scholar transport operators, take every practical step to ensure that their transport is safe and reliable, and that the driver has the relevant records and authorization.”

“Province, law enforcement, schools and parents can and must do more to ensure that scholar transport is safer, and that our young children are protected from continued victimisation on our roads.”