Mazda takes first place as best car brand

Mazda introduces new derivative to CX-5 range

Consumer Report published its list of the best car brands. This year Mazda took first place, and BMW was ranked second. All brands are ranked with the following criteria, reliability, satisfactory of the owner,  road test scores and green choices.

BMW took an overall score of 78 points, making it one of the best-ranked brands where driving feels like pure enjoyment and luxury and was just 2 points ahead of Porsche and Subaru.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how the car brands are ranked. 

An overall score is based on a road test, reliability, owner satisfaction and safety. Once done, vehicles are put through 50 tests and evaluations for the road test car.

Reliability is based on problems reported in 17 concerned areas in the Consumer Reports auto surveys. While owner satisfaction depends on what Consumer Report members state in the surveys and if they would purchase the vehicle again.

Safety of the vehicles includes a crash test result and vehicles are awarded extra points if they come with safety features standard. Green choices look at the cleanest and lowest emitting passenger cars.

According to BMW, Consumer Reports stated that “brands that rise to the top tends to have the most consistent performance across their lineup. However, it is important to research the individual models when shopping because every brand has a range of product performance.”

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