Meet Luca, the electric car built by students with household materials

Dutch students build EV from scratch

A group of Dutch students crafted an electric vehicle (EV) entirely out of recyclable household materials. The eco-friendly car has been named ‘Luca’.

Luca is a two-seater coupé painted bright yellow. The EV can reach a top speed of 90km/h. On a single charge, travellers can enjoy a leisurely drive spanning up to 220km.

The group of students, who are studying at the Technical University of Eindhoven, consist of 22 individuals. The entire project took 18 months to complete, according to Reuters.

The car was made from literal scratch, using household items like recycled PET bottles. The group of students hope actual car manufacturers follow suit in their use of discarded, up-cycled items.

Project manager Lisa van Etten said: “This car is really special, because it’s made all out of waste. Our chassis is made out of flax and recycled PET bottles. For the interior we also used unsorted household waste.”

The students also used plastic from old TVs, kitchen appliances and children’s toys according to Driving. The car’s interior was compiled using coconuts and horsehair.

Take a look at the nifty, environmentally-friendly EV below.

Picture: Screenshot from YouTube video