Neil Woolridge Motorsport makes history in the Mpumalanga 400

Neil Woolridge Motorsport makes history in the Mpumalanga 400

The challenging and grueling Mpumalanga 400 race took place in Dullstroom on the 26 and 27 of March 2021. The teams encountered extremely tough, rocky and wet conditions in the first super event of the season, covering a distance of over 300 kilometers.

Neil Woolridge Motorsport, great partners of Wurth South Africa participated in the demanding race. Wurth South Africa sponsors and supports this remarkable team to ensure that they have all the essential products needed to make their cars “race-ready” such as chemicals, consumables and workshop equipment. Wurth South Africa is ecstatic and overjoyed about the way the team performed at Mpumalanga 400.

The Victorious Team:

Lance Woolridge and Elevene Vonk made history by winning the event with the brand-new Ford Castrol Cross Country team ranger. This was the first time a different car manufacturer other than Toyota won the Mpumalanga 400 since it started in 2017. This dedicated and brilliant team that hails from Pietermaritzburg won the short Qualifying race and achieved the third-fastest time in the Production Vehicle category on the first day of the event.

Lance and Elevene managed to attain full marks in the FIA Class of the Production Vehicle Championship, and they completed the race with a groundbreaking 7:51:12. There were two other teams under Neil Woolridge Motorsport that performed incredibly well in the race, Wors Prinsloo and Andre Vermeulen as well as Bernad and Minette Johnstone, finished 4th and 5th place, respectively in Class T and attained 13th and 14th overall.

Neil Woolridge has over 30 years of experience within the motor trade, specifically vehicle maintenance and the fitment of 4×4 accessories. An important aspect of their business is the one-on-one customer relationships that they have formed over the years and continue to do. NWM services all makes and models of vehicles and 4×4 vehicles, for which they are renowned.

They made their debut race and launch in 2013, where the ranger took 1st and 2nd place first time out. Since then, 22 vehicles have been built to date. From 2014 they had multiple cars compete in the Dakar rally. The ranger has won races in Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Australia and many more countries.

Picture: MotorPress