New Ford Everest Sport arrives in South Africa

New Ford Everest Sport arrives in South Africa

The new Ford Everest is here and it’s been worth the wait. While they haven’t released any official statement, Ford has added two new versions of its Everest to its webpage.

The locally built seven-seater SUV is available for purchase in the country and comes in six exciting colours. Playing on the word “ever” in its name, Ford is promoting the new car as “evercapable”, “everadvancing” and “everpowerful.”

This turns out to be pretty accurate marketing. The new Everest Sport is offered exclusively with the Blue Oval brand’s 2,0 SiT powertrain and comes in either 4×2 or 4×4 configuration. This four-cylinder turbodiesel engine offers 132 kW and 420 N.m. Drivers also get crisper control with the 10-speed auto transmission.

As this car was built for adventure, it’s no surprise that it has a maximum payload of 750kg and towing capabilities of up to 3000kg.

Upon investigation, pricing starts at R 662,800 for the two-wheel drive and at R 704,400 for four-wheel. This appears to be the base with the Frozen White colour coming standard with no extra cost.

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting then you can pay an extra R1,260 for any of the other five colours: Diffused Silver, Moondust Silver, Agate Black, Sea Grey and Copper Red.

There is also an extra R4,300 charge for the addition of a towbar.

Picture: Ford