Police officer brutally stabbed to death on the N2 this morning!

So please DON’T pull over on the N2

Another individual lost their life on the N2 this morning, after being stabbed to death – a 50 year old police officer on his way to work.

He stopped to change a flat tyre on the N2 highway near Macassar in Cape Town, after driving over a packet containing rocks or some kind of sharp object.

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“A member of Saps was on his way to work and hit some rocks that were placed to obstruct his further movement. The vehicle came to a stand still. He was attacked and stabbed to death on the road. We will not rest until we find the culprits.” — Major General Jeremy Veary, Deputy Provincial Commissioner for Detective Services

According to Eyewitness News he was approached by two individuals, who proceeded to stab and then rob him.

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He died on the scene. Forensic teams are combing the area for any evidence that could lead to the arrest of these suspects.

There have been multiple robberies and murders on the N2, involving similar situations. So please DON’T pull over on the N2 if you hit a rock or get a flat tyre! Drive on the rim if you have to until you get to the nearest petrol station or somewhere safe. Your vehicle can be repaired, so it’s not worth risking your own safety!

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