Porsche delivered 272,162 new vehicles worldwide in 2020

Porsche delivered 272,162 new vehicles worldwide in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic affected a number of industries around the world, chief amongst which was the automotive market. Despite the challenging year, Porsche still managed to deliver an impressive amount of vehicles worldwide.

The German automaker was able to deliver 272,162 vehicles in 2020, which represents a minuscule 3% decline in sales when compared to 2019, which was a record-breaking year for the company when it managed to deliver 280,800 units.

“The coronavirus crisis posed a great challenge from spring 2020 onwards. Nevertheless, we were able to keep deliveries comparatively stable for the year as a whole,” said Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche.

Top-selling vehicles

Porsche has the Cayenne to thank for its impressive sales, as the company delivered 92,860 units in 2020, which is an increase of 1% compared to 2019. The 911 totalled 34,328 deliveries and the 718 came in third place, selling 21,784 units.

An honourable mention goes to the Taycan, which Porsche managed to deliver a total of  20,015 in 2020, despite a six-week pause in production.

Growth in Asia-Pacific and China

Porsche delivered 88,968 vehicles to Chinese customers in 2020, which is a 3%  increase in deliveries to Asia when compared to 2019. The Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa regions also continued to develop. A total of 121,641 vehicles were delivered to these regions in 2020.

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Porsche has already set its sights on 2021, with von Platen hinting at the possibility of additional versions of the all-electric Taycan and 911 coming this year.

“We are continuing our product offensive – our customers can look forward to it. It will include additional derivatives of the all-electric Taycan and the 911, among others,” von Platen said.

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