Renault plans to build a second-generation Duster Oroch

Renault plans to build a second-generation Duster Oroch

A new iteration of the Renault Duster Oroch bakkie is on the cards according to Pablo Sabilla, the president and CEO of Renault Argentina.

Details about the new Duster Oroch, however, remain scant as Sabilla was tight-lipped. He told Autoblog Argentina that Renault was “working on the renovation of Oroch” but in the same breath said he had “nothing to announce about it”.

Renault South Africa confirmed the Duster Oroch was being planned for 2022 earlier in January 2021 but would also not divulge further details. The manufacturer also previously indicated that the new half-ton bakkie could make its debut in 2020 – this did not pan out, as there has been a lack of global demand for right-hand drive production.

The Duster Oroch is sure to pique the interest of many in the South African market – regardless of whether it comes as a double or single cab – because there are very few vehicles in the half-ton bakkie segment with the Nissan NP200 dominating the market for the last few years.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons