Road Trip: Cederberg Escape

The route to the Cederberg offers plenty, whether you just want to unwind or are in the mood for adventure.


Plan an adventure that includes some wine tasting. (Appoint a designated driver for the parts of the trip that involve drinking.) Stop at Groote Post Wine Farm to taste their top-notch wines. Nature lovers can visit the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve near Paternoster. Take a tour of the Cape Columbine Lighthouse and relax on the beach afterwards. For some Lara Croft-inspired action you can head to the Cederberg for rock climbing. Stop by the veldskoen factory in Wupperthal for a fascinating slice of history and visit San rock-art sites on the 4km Sevilla Rock Art Trail.


Explore the Biedouw Valley near Clanwiiliam on a mountain bike, motorbike or by taking a scenic flight.