Superstar Crossover Cars

Crossover is the new buzzword in the motoring world. Nissan is pushing the envelope in this category and earning mega stars with its modern crossover family – the funky Juke, the stylish Qashqai and the plush Murano.

Crossover – a happy combination of the body and space of a SUV and the handling of a sedan – has taken over the realm that once belonged to beefy SUVs. It’s now the go-to car for many South African families and young professionals. The car provides a comfy ride – and it’s frugal with fuel because of the lighter construction and smaller engine. Rugged styling + easy driving = the perfect partnership! These Nissans are trendy and efficient; they offer the best of both worlds; and they come with lots of accessories and options.

Make mine a Murano

Nissan merged the soul and design of a sports car with the functionality and space of a SUV – and came up with the Murano! It’s a luxury crossover, perfect for people who enjoy the size of a SUV and the style of an executive saloon. The double panel moon roof has made the cabin even more luxe and it boasts a superb entertainment system complete with satnav and a 9.3GB hard-drive music server. The silky soul-stirring V6 engine pulses with power. This car rocks!

Cool hand Juke

The crossover’s multitasking ability is boosting the compact market too. Check out the nifty Juke – the ultimate expression of youthful individuality and style all curled up into a little marvel of a car. It’s a car of the times – a generous blend of a sports hatch and a mini SUV. The Juke is impressing everyone from young executives who dare to be different to been-there-made-it types who are forever young at heart. Its high ride height, zippy acceleration and good handling are made for tripping through the traffic. It’s a fusion that’s fashionable, futuristic and fearless.

The Qashqai Queen

The Qashqai, a highly successful crossover alternative to more generic hatchbacks, is a brilliant family car that is roomy, comfortable, classy and affordable to run. It may look like a 4×4 but you get that regal driving position without super-high running costs. It’s had a style makeover, and the Qashqai +2 offers the option of seven seats and endless versatility.