Tesla's all-new Cybertruck

Love it or loathe it, Tesla has got everyones attention with its first bakkie

The internet is all shook-up by Elon Musk and the Tesla bakkie. Opinions are going in the same direction as the public consensus on Marmite, it’s a love it or hate it kind of situation, there’s no middle ground.

Tesla was founded in 2003 by engineers who wanted to highlight that electric vehicles can be efficient, quicker and more fun than fossil fueled cars.

Tesla vehicles are produced at their factory in Fremont, California, their goal the world to stop relying on fossil fuels and move toward a zero-emission future. This will benefit the environment and our future overall.

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

The all-new Cybertruck is Tesla’s first pickup truck or bakkie. Tesla claims their truck is a better utility vehicle with more performance than a sports car. Of course one wouldn’t say this is a pickup truck due to its unique exterior looking like an armored tank.

Overall the Cybertruck is not a conventional pickup in a visual sense and that is what Elon Musk was aiming for. The vehicle is able to carry six passengers and comes in three different electric motors including rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations.


The one-motor variant reaches 100 km in 6.5 seconds and is able to tow up to 3 401 kg and carry a load of 1 587 kg. Whilst the two-motor variant will reach 100 km in 4.5 seconds and tow 4 536 kg, the three-motor model hits 100 km in 2.9 seconds and pulls 6 350 kgs will ease.

The driving range for this model varies from 402 km to 804 km. All models have an adaptive air suspension for self-leveling and ride-height adjustment of up to 16-inches. The interior is claimed to have plenty of room and under the rear seats is a storage compartment while the front looks like a tabletop with a steering wheel as a dashboard and features Tesla’s central 17-inch touchpad.

Practical off-road pickup truck 

Thanks to plenty of ground clearance, Elon Musk claims the model can run the Baja 1000 race. It’s all good running it, can it win it is the question? With the distance between the front and rear wheels it may survive those terrains but with its weight will not win anything.  The Cybertruck body is stainless steel with armor glass for windows providing the driver and passengers with maximum protection, and includes onboard power for camping.

Ultimately the Cybertruck leaves an impression, but many bakkie enthusiats are not find it appealing at all. But so far there have been 200 000 pre-orders placed after its launch. Overall Tesla has created a new class for the segment, brand, and electrification itself.

The Cybertruck has taken a bold approach to a new level. It shouldn’t be looked at as deformed or strange but rather as a new rival breaking the mold in its segment with its unique look. Tesla has proven its appeal to a different sort of car buyer and has made outstanding electric vehicles that can compete with rivals.